Frequently Asked Questions

What are you able to engrave/cut?

  • We are able to engrave several materials such as wood, granite, acrylic, slate, leather, leatherette, silicone, rubber, and glass. We are able to cut through wood, acrylic, leather, leatherette, silicone, and rubber.

How big of an engraving can you do?

Our CO2 laser to engrave up to about 27 x 20 inches. We can accommodate some larger sizes by utilizing our laser's pass through slots. Our laser bed is also adjustable up to about 10 inches in depth.

What are the turnaround times?

Usually, if we have the material on hand, it typically takes about 1 week. If we have to order the materials, however, it may take 2 or sometimes 3 weeks. Some factors that can influence the turnaround time include a large bulk order or the need for specialized materials. Nevertheless, our aim is usually to complete everything within 1-2 weeks overall. Additionally, longer time quotes are often due to shipping times for us to receive the materials.

Can you do the design work for my project?

Depending on the project yes. Both lasers use software which work in grayscale colors. The design time varies between projects and can/will be quoted if you would like us to design artwork for you.

What type of file can I send you?

Our software is designed to work with a wide range of file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG. However, if you have the ability to provide an SVG file (also known as a vector file), it is recommended for detailed work. Our software will convert your files into an SVG format. Furthermore, you can also include color artwork or logos, which will be converted to black and white specifically for the lasers to function properly.

Why do you have quantity minimums for some products?

The laser engraving machines are designed to perform repetitive tasks. Depending on the project and materials, we may need to create jigs, calibrate the laser, make sample pieces, and do design work on the computer. Our prices are based on the time required for specific types of orders. However, we are also happy to fulfill one-off orders upon request. Please contact us for a quote.